About South Coast Helix Foundations

South Coast Helix Foundations, Inc. has provided superior performance in the installation of helix steel pier systems in Texas since 2002.  We offer complete engineering assistance of helix steel pier design for each project.  South Coast can supply and install various sizes and capacitites of helix steel anchors for projects needing new foundations, boardwalks, tiebacks, foundation stabilizations and tie-downs,

Our Services


By utilizing exisiting soil investigation reports and the required loading conditions for any given project a complete design of the helix steel pier system can be provided.  The type, size, configuration and depth of the helix steel piers can then be specified an inserted in the project's construction documents.


Our staff of highly experienced Professional Engineers can assist in the developement and implementation of the helix steel piers for each construction project.  We work closely with the various design professionals in the industry to ensure the helix steel piers will perform as required and expected.


Standard specifications are available for project and bid documents.  Customized specifications can also be developed for projects with special requirements.


Common hydraulic construction equipment can be used to install the helix steel piers on most project sites, such as, backhoes, skid-steers and mini-excavators.

Portable equipment is also available when the installation of the helix piers are to be installed in restricted areas or interior areas.

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