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South Coast Helix Foundations, Incorporated has been a full service helix steel pier contractor in the State of Texas since 2002.  Our engineers have over 15 years of helix steel pier design experience throughtout the United States and Canada.  We have provided complete helix steel pier designs for various uses, such as, new foudations, boardwalks, tie-backs, foundation repair and tie-downs.  Our engineering team works closely with other design professionals to develop the best designs and specifications for each construction project.


MacLean-Dixie manufactures the helix steel piers and equipment utilized by South Coast Helix Foundations, Inc.  MacLean-Dixie is a leading supplier of Helix Steel Foundation systems for use in residential, commercial, industrial and marine applications.  Their products include applications for tension, compression and stabilization in many different soils and regions.  All of the steel products can be traced back to the original mills, so the physical and chemical properites can be verified.

Composite Helical Pipe Pile (CHPP™)

Combines the technology of pipe pile with the helix steel piers to provide significantly greater load capacities.

Generally the CHPP are made of 8" DIA. Pipe which can be filled with concrete after installation. The helical pipe piles can resist both tension & compression loads along with larger resisting lateral loads.

The CHPP can also be customized using larger or smaller diameter pipe and more helices to better accommodate given coil conditions and load requirements for specific projects.

Load Range: 50-200 Kips


Helix Steel Piers have a lot of advantages

  • Cost Saving Alternative Compared to other Foundation and Tie-Back Systems
  • Excellent Performance in Different and Difficult Soil Conditions
  • Predictable Holding Capacity in Tension or Compression
  • Speed of Installation
  • Predictable Holding Capacity in Tension or Compression
  • Immediate Proof Testing and Loading, No Waiting for Concrete or Grout to Cure
  • Easy Installation in Confined Areas, Including Low Over Head Space
  • Wide Range of Load Capacities
  • Minimal Site and Environmental Impact
  • Installs in Minutes Versus Days
  • Installs in all Types of Weather, No More Weather Delays
  • Excellent for Supporting Structures in High Water Table and Wet Soil Conditions
  • No More Casing Concrete Piers
  • Installs in Hazardous Material or Contaminated Soils without Soil Disturbance
  • Fully Engineered, Completely Tested and Years of Proven Performance

Helix Steel Piers

Lead Sections

  • Single or Multiple Helices (Bearing Plates)
  • Rounded Corner Solid Square Shaft
  • Shaft Sizes: 1-1/2” or 1-3/4”
  • Lengths of Lead Section: 5’, 7’ or 10’
  • Helix Diameters: 8”, 10”, 12” or 14”
  • Helix Thickness: 3/8” or 1/2”

Extension Sections

  • Extension Sections are then bolted to the Lead Section
  • Shaft Sizes: 1-1/2” or 1-3/4”
  • Extension Lengths: 3-1/2’, 5’, 7’ or 10’


Criteria for Helix Steel Pier Installation

1. Minimum Depth
2. Required Torque
Given Design Load: 25,000# per pier
Helix Pier Design: 25,000# x 2 (Safety Factor) = 50,000#-Ultimate
Required Torque:
10 to 1
50,000# : 5,000 ft-lbs

Capacity of the Helix Steel Piers

Shaft Sizes Ultimate Loads (lbs) Installation Torque (ft-lbs) Working Loads (lbs)
1½" 60,000 6,000 30,000
1¾" 100,000 10,000 50,000
1½" H.5 70,000 7,000 35,000
2½" - (SCH40) 54,000 6,000 27,000
2½" - (SCH80) 72,000 8,000 36,000
3" - (SCH80) 77,000 11,000 38,500

Helix Steel Pier Applications

New Construction Structural Slabs Boardwalks & Docks Tie-Backs for New Retaining Walls
Helix Steel Pier Application Helix Steel Pier Application Helix Steel Pier Application Helix Steel Pier Application

Pipeline Tie-Downs and Support Retro-fits & Additions Underpinning Existing Structures Boardwalks and Docks
Helix Steel Pier Application Helix Steel Pier Application Helix Steel Pier Application Helix Steel Pier Application
Helix Steel Pier Application Helix Steel Pier Application Helix Steel Pier Application Helix Steel Pier Application
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